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Papular Urticaria

This is a persistent eruption of the skin when it is hypersensitive to insect bites (e.g. mosquitoes, fleas, mites, bed bugs, sand flies etc.,) seen most often as a hereditary conditions because of the IgE isotype antibody being present.  These people experience immediate allergic reactions, e.g. asthma, dermatitis,vasomotor rhinitis.  The antigens are in the skin and blood stream.

In atopic dermatitis it affects between 10 -20% of children, it is also called infantile eczema and can be intensely pruritic (itchy) and a relapsing skin disorder found most commonly on the face, antecubital (in front of the elbow where it bends) and popliteal (the area behind the knees) areas of allergy prone individuals.

Acute flare ups are associated with erythema (redness, inflammation of skin or mucous membrane), oozing, crusting caused by secondary bacterial infections.  Where yeast infections are also present there may be severe flaking and peeling of the skin.

Papular urticaria is characterised by crops of small papules and wheals.  If the skin is broken due to rubbing and scratching lesions form and above mentioned secondary infections usually occur.

This condition has been shown to respond to herbal remedies  applied topologically.

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