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This is a form of urticaria that can be induced by firm touching or scratching of the skin.  It is usually idiopathic ( no known cause), but can be the first symptom of a drug reaction.

This form of physical urticaria is characterised by wheals that develop within minutes and the skin can literally be written on.  Very rarely associated with any other condition and will often clear away quite rapidly within an hour or so.

Symptoms worsen with the body heating from friction of clothing or objects or exercise, bathing and drying the body.

It seems to be linked to stress and emotional responses.

Rare case are linked to autoimmune response as mentioned above related to a specific drug, e.g. sulphur, penicillin.  In other immune reactions it can be linked to the skin becoming more sensitive to parasitic invasion of things like scabies or intestinally with worms.

Once it has become symptomatic in a person it may last months to years but for most it may only last a year or two.  As time progresses the more severe reactions of itching and pain subside.

It is similar to pressure urticaria and cold urticaria but rarely progresses to angioedemic in condition.

This condition has been shown to respond to herbal remedies for immediate relief.


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